Agent 327

Real Name: Hendrik IJzerbroot

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Secret Agent

Affiliations: Dutch Secret Service (his employers)

Enemies: Dr.Maybe; , Lord Boredtodaith, Boris Kloris, Doctor Papa, Abraham Zondag, Wu Manchu

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: The Warrior from the East

Base of Operations: HQ of the Dutch Secret Service

First Appearance: Pep 21 (1966),

Powers/Abilities: As shown in Dossier B, Agent 327 is a deadly martial artist, can hit with his gun a target the size of a cigarette visible for 1/8 of a second with a reliability close to 100%. Extremely slowly aging (he was a young student member of the resistance in WW II and seems to be about 40 in the 21st century). As a result of his excellent training as top secret agent he has many other abilities too, (think like James Bond without the womanizing, though as a perfect gentleman he still has a certain appeal to some ladies…)

History: Born in 1930, he was introduced to the man who is now the head of the Secret Service he’s part of, when he was the only person available to translate the English of a British parachutist. He showed his cunning and joined the Secret Service in 1948.

(Pep 21) Dossier A: Agent 327 has to protect the Poodles, a British group of musicians singing YEAAAAH, YEAAAH, blinded by their hair hanging in front of their eyes.

Comments: Thanks to Theodoor Westerhof for writing most of this profile. As he was quite keen to point out, I was wrong when I initially described Agent 327 as a "spy". Theodoor noted "NO, he is NOT a spy, he is a secret agent, more often used to protect secrets than to gather information." I have to agree that this is a valid distinction.

Theodoor also notes "As a result of Magic performed during the Blitz in London, Agent 327 has been made the Warrior from the East “From the East he comes flown to save England.” He did so in dossier Heksenkring, but the magic may still force him to save England again, if needed."

PROFILE WRITTEN BY THEODOOR WESTERHOF. Thanks to Mack Murdock for additional images. And thanks to Anne Jan for informing me of his enemy Boris Kloris (Theodoor also told me of him, but because I was slow with my updates Anne still deserves the thank you too).

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