Real Name: Adric

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial (Alzarian)

Occupation: Youth, student

Affiliations: The Doctor (fourth and fifth incarnations [TV], seventh incarnation [novel]), K-9 Mark II, Romana, Nyssa, Tegan, Chris Cwej, Roz Forester

Enemies: Cybermen, Marshmen

Known Relatives: Varsh (brother, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: (former) planet Alzarius, E-Space; (later) the TARDIS

First Appearance: Doctor Who "Full Circle"

Powers/Abilities: Adric healed exceptionally fast due to his alien physiology. He was a mathematical genius

History: (Full Circle)

(State of Decay)

(Pathfinders, DWM #173)

(Warrior's Gate)

(A Boy's Tale, Short Trips: Companions)

(Mauritz, Short Trips: A Universe of Terrors)



(Cold Fusion, MA #29)

(Four to Doomsday)


(The Visitation)

(Hearts of Stone, Short Trips: Companions)

(Divided Loyalties)

(Black Orchid)


Comments: Played by Matthew Waterhouse


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