Adam Adamant

Real Name: Adam Adamant

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Georgina Jones, William Simms

Enemies: The Face, Margot Kane, Dr.Mort, Louise

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a penthouse in London
in Victorian times 26a Auberly Street, London

First Appearance: Adam Adamant Lives! "A Vintage Year For Scoundrels" (BBC 1, 23rd June 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Excellent swordsman. Keen mind.

History: Adam Adamant was a Victorian/Edwardian adventurer who fought crime and solved mysteries. In 1902 the woman he loved, Louise, was kidnapped and Adam raced to her rescue, only to discover the abduction had been a ruse, luring him into an ambush. Captured by his arch enemy, the Face, Adam was shocked to discover Louise was the villain's mistress. Rather than kill Adam, the Face thought to inflict a much crueler fate; he injected his foe with a drug which would grant him an eternal life, but frozen, unable to move, a living death.

In 1966 workmen discovered Adam and he was revived. Georgina Jones, whose grandfather once met Adam, had grown up listening to tales of his adventures, and became his guide in the strange new world he found himself in. Another ally was his butler, William Simms. Though the world had changed much, Adam soon found villainy was eternal, and returned to crimefighting; 1960's criminals swiftly discovered why he had been a scourge of villainy in his own era. However the Face also subsequently returned to menace the world, renewing their old feud.

Comments: Adam was played by Gerald Harper. His sidekick, Georgina Jones, was played by Juliet Harmer. Simms was played by Jack May. The Face, who returned in the second season, was played by Peter Ducrow.

The series ran for two seasons plus an unaired pilot, for a total of 30 episodes.

  1. Adam Adamant Lives!

  2. A Vintage Year For Scoundrels

  3. Death Has a Thousand Faces...

  4. More Deadly Than the Sword

  5. The Sweet Smell of Disaster

  6. Allah Is Not Always With You

  7. The Terribly Happy Embalmers

  8. To Set A Deadly Fashion

  9. The Last Sacrifice

  10. Sing A Song of Murder

  11. The Doomsday Plan

  12. Death By Appointment Only

  13. Beauty Is an Ugly Word

  14. The League of Uncharitable Ladies

  15. Ticket to Terror

  16. The Village of Evil

  17. D For Destruction

  18. A Slight Case of Reincarnation

  19. Black Echo

  20. Conspiracy of Death

  21. The Basardi Affair

  22. The Survivors

  23. Face In a Mirror

  24. Another Little Drink

  25. Death Begins at Seventy

  26. Tunnel of Death

  27. The Deadly Bullet

  28. The Resurrectionists

  29. Wish You Were Here

  30. A Sinister Sort of Service

He also appeared in a short lived comic strip in TV Comic, and had an annual which included seven new stories, three comic strips and four text stories.


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