Zero Assassin

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Android

Occupation: Assassin

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Zone Control (local equivalent of the police); Shadowmaker (a female-looking android taken over by the Zero Virus, a virtual representation of Zero Assassin himself); Catiline Patton; many others, but none tend to last very long.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Lives in the Zones, but doesn't really have a base. He probably has a number of weapons caches, but he doesn't exactly 'hang out' anywhere.

First Appearance: Issue One #1 (Issue One Comics, April 1991)

Powers/Abilities: Zero is the best assassin in the whole of his cyberpunk world. It's a high-tech world, so he also has some cool toys. One of his more unusual, and useful, abilities is to appear as a different individual to each person who sees him, thus making it hard for police to track him.

History: In 2035 A.D., in a cybertech world known as the Zones, the world's greatest professional killer is an android known as Zero Assassin, who had achieved sentience via the "zero virus" code, letting him become independent from his programmers. He charged one million credits per kill, using the money to fund his ongoing repairs and maintenance.

Comments: He was created by Samuel Young, a Thailand born writer and illustrator, under the pen name of Max Autohead.

Thanks to Nic Sando for informing me what Zero Assassin's powers are.

Each comic of Zero Assassin that I have, seem to include a main plot-line style chapter of the story, followed by a separate story about a single hit, and a page of comic called 'Zero Bunny' - ie: a semi-psychotic rabbit wearing Zero Assassin's clothes. - Nic

Thanks to Noble Kale for sending in information about the character and his (lack of surviving) enemies. He also mentions that "The speech of Zero Assassin is quite weird, with it showing the letter 'E' dropped slightly below the others. Possibly to indicate a slightly synthetic voice (it does make it stand out). His appearance is pretty much to wear a trenchcoat, carry two pistols, white shirt, and black tie." Noble also sent me the image used above, stating "Note that the red and green are just lighting effects."

Thanks to Simon Park for clarifying about Zero Assassin's artificial nature.

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