Zeeuws Meisje (Zealand Sweetheart)

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Farm girl

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: August Horks

Known Relatives: Unnamed father; unnamed mother (former Miss Zeeland, deceased)

Aliases: Name translates more literally as Zealand Girl or Zealand Maid.

Base of Operations: Zealand, the Netherlands, alternate Earth

First Appearance: Zeeuws Meisje (VPRO, 1997)

Powers/Abilities: Zeeuws Meisje uses her oorijzer (ear-irons, a sort of thin helmet or metal head band with ornaments, original for old Zealand dress) to receive signals from people in distress and then sets out to help them. She can fly, but does not have superstrength: she is very intelligent and solves problems by means of her intelligence.

History: Zeeuws Meisje lived in the Netherlands after the Great Traffic Jam (when all cars in the Netherlands blocked all the roads and could neither move forward or backward, a situation which never ended). As a result no green pastures or even small spots of green were left in The Netherlands: nothing would grow except gherkins. Her great adversary is August Horks, a industrial who grows and sells gherkins and who is the most powerful man in the Netherlands.

In a grim version of the world where food is scarce and the vegetation all but extinct, Zeeuws Meisje is one of the planet's heroes.

Comments: The character of Zeeuws Meisje was played by Roos Ouwehand.

Thanks to Theodoor Westerhof for informing me of this character and providing images and information.

Thanks to Richard Kampuis for providing further information (her enemies, her occupation, clarifying both her powers and her history). He also informs me "The character is based on a brand of margarine, also called Zeeuws Meisje and generally known for the fact that you won't pay too much for good quality margarine. One might say she is a Dutch archetype for the good and trustworthy.

The series was first aired by the VPRO in 1997 (I think it was April), a Dutch broadcasting company known for its slightly 'arty' or more intelligent programs, not unlike Channel Four. The series was written by Robert Alberdingk Thijm between 1993 and 1997."


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