Real Name: Marcelo Labanca

Identity/Class: Human mutated (by magic?)

Occupation: Police detective

Affiliations: None known

Enemies: Baron Doom, Killing

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Yorga, el Hombre Lagarto

Powers/Abilities: Yorga transforms into a reptilian humanoid at night, gaining superhuman hearing, speed, night vision, and a powerful sixth sense. He had above normal strength, as well as the ability to kill with a touch, releasing a poison which ran through his veins. In his reptilian form, he was immune to bullets (not bulletproof - they just didn't bother him) and poisons, but when he turned back again those injuries might still affect him if they had not completely healed. He also had mental powers including telepathy, precognition and hypnotism.

The human face of YorgaHistory: A police detective, at night Yorga would transform into a reptilian humanoid, with a non-human head and hands, and a touch which was instantly fatal. This appears to be down to a curse of some kind, and he can't control the change. Since he retains his own intellect, he decided to become a vigilante, combating the villainous Baron Doom.

Comments: Thanks to Manuel D. Montesinos who wrote to me to tell me of this character, and for sending the images. Manuel notes Yorga's adventures were reprinted in Peru.

Thanks to Dennis Ray for clearing up my confusion between this character and the other Yorga, and for additional images.

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