Real Name: David Kim

Identity/Class: Human, modified by nanotechnology

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: Nun of the Above, Catholic Girl, Kelly Sanborne

Enemies: Dr.Sugarman, Boraxis Megatheros

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Shadow War (Milestone)

Powers/Abilities: Virtually immortal and indestructible. His nanomachines prevent aging or disease, and instantaneously heal any injuries he might receive.

History: "Hard to believe. Harder to kill." David Kim was a scientist working on nanomachines which would be able to repair injuries and prevent disease and aging. But the evil Dr.Sugarman, coveting immortality, decided to steal Kim's discovery. His servants broke into Kim's lab and killed the scientist. But his assistant, Kelly Sanborne, injected him with his own invention, hoping to revive him. The nanomachines did so, but needing raw material to rebuild his horrendously damaged body, used the living tissue from Kelly, killing her in the process. Xombi, as Kim now thought of himself, along with his newfound allies Nun of the Above and Catholic Girl, tracked down Dr.Sugarman and managed to prevent him from unleashing the monstrous incarnation of pollution, Boraxis Megatheros, on the world. Afterwards he tried to bring Kelly back by injecting her corpse with the nanomachines, only to find out she had been cremated.

Comments: Xombi was written by John Rozum with pencils by Denys Cowan.

Xombi was introduced to the Milestone universe during the "Shadow War" crossover. Much of the time it bears little resemblance to a superhero comic, being described at times as "Milestone's Vertigo title". His title ran for 21 issues.

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