Real Name: Woodrow Van Chelton (Woody)

Identity/Class: Human mutates


Affiliations: Vincent Van Goat, Quantum


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Quantum and Woody #1 (Acclaim Comics, 1996)


History: Eric Henderson and Woodrow Van Chelton were childhood best friends, all but inseparable in spite of their different temperaments and skin colours. They were the best of friends. But, and this is important to remember, not a couple. Then one day Woody disappeared without saying goodbye.

Woody's parents had divorced, and his mother took him from his sheltered middle class suburban life to live in the inner city, where he watched his mother succumb to drug addiction and had a close friend murdered. Eric, on the other hand, went to prep school and into the military.

Fifteen years later they were reunited after their fathers, who had continued to work together, were killed in a mysterious plane crash - murdered. Returning home for the funerals, Eric found that time had not healed the childhood wound of being abandoned by his friend. Then the two friends found themselves accused of the killings, leading the serious Eric dragged the wise-cracking Woody along on a hunt for the real culprit. Early on in the investigation they found a pair of control bands amongst Eric's fathers belongings, and this led them to the lab where he worked. An explosion in the lab changed their lives forever. The two were transformed, their bodies now composed of energy (although they still appear human). Each man is bonded to an armband which they cannot remove, and if the armbands are not touched together at least once every 24 hours, both men would dissipate. Friends, but ones whose different personalities aggravate each other, they are now forced to stay together for life. They decided to use their new powers for good, becoming Quantum and Woody, the world's most dysfunctional superhero team. But they're not a couple.

Comments: Created by Christopher Priest and M.D. "Doc" Bright.

Woody owns a pet goat, "Vincent Van Goat", which annoys Quantum a lot.


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