Real Name: Wiley Wolf

Identity/Class: Human, armed with high-tech equipment and minor cybernetics.

Occupation: Major in the U.S. Airforce

Affiliations: Thor (wolf sidekick); Judy Bowman (C.I.A. contact)

Enemies: El Jefe

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Werewolf #1 (Dell Comics, December 1966)

Powers/Abilities: As well as being extremely hardy and fit, Werewolf can change his own facial appearance by moving muscles around. His suit is "made of a most unique material. It is impervious to every known chemical and gas and can stop or deflect all but a direct shot from a high caliber rifle. Even then the bullet will be rendered nearly harmless." It includes a self-contained breathing unit, the belt is equipped with a number of gadgets, and the soles of the feet are "made of a unique polymer which qualities of adhesion or slickness can be controlled by foot pressure."

History: Major Wiley Wolf crash lands in the Arctic Circle after his experimental plane loses power, resulting in the injured airman suffering from amnesia when he drags himself from the wreckage. He finds himself surrounded by a pack of wolves, but gains their trust by rescuing one of their number who has also been hurt by the falling jet. Dubbing his fellow crash victim Thor, he spends months living with the pack and bonding with his new friend, until finally he is spotted by a passing plane and rescued. Once home his friend Bill Hartley notes the change in Wiley's personality, just before the Major resigns his commission. Wiley explains that his time amongst the pack has taught him to think like a wolf. Wolves do not kill unnecessarily, except when one of them goes mad, and then if the mad one is not stopped, his insanity will spread to the others. He now views humanity as being like the wolves, full of insane people who must be stopped for the good of the others.

Wiley (accompanied by Thor) finds himself recruited by the C.I.A. and his old identity is wiped, making him a "fictitious" person, and is trained to be a top agent, taught how to subconsciously control the muscles of his face so that he can alter his looks. He and Thor have surgical implants allowing the animal to hear Wiley's unspoken commands, and then Wiley is equipped with a high-tech outfit, the Werewolf suit, which makes him effectively bulletproof and is self-contained, protecting him from gases and chemicals. Now their top agent, Wiley becomes the Werewolf, and is sent to hotspots such as Cuba to battle threats to freedom.

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