Real Name: Vincent

Identity/Class: Human mutant

Occupation: Poet; protector of the Tunnel Dwellers

Affiliations: The Tunnel Dwellers; Father; Mouse, Catherine Chandler, Diana Bennett, Elliot Burch

Enemies: Paracelsus, Gabriel, Snow

Known Relatives: Paracelsus (alleged father); Jacob Wells (a.k.a. Father, adoptive father), Devin Wells (foster brother), Jacob (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Tunnels, beneath Manhattan

First Appearance: Beauty and the Beast #1 "Once Upon a Time in the City of New York" (CBS, 25th September 1987)

Powers/Abilities: Vincent was possessed with superhuman strength and agility (capable of leaping on to speeding subway trains and riding them through the city). He also had sharp claws and fangs. While Catherine was alive, he had a psychic rapport with her, which meant he could tell if she was in danger, and normally knew where she was in relation to him. This rapport was damped by illness during the period she was kidnapped, or else he could have found her in time to save her.

History: "He comes from secret place, far below the city streets, hiding his face from strangers, safe from hate and harm. He brought me there to save my life; and now wherever I go, he is with me in spirit. For we have a bond stronger than friendship or love...and although we cannot be together, we will never, ever be apart."

Vincent grew up in a community of outcasts who live in tunnels beneath the island of Manhattan, raised by a scientist who had fled the upper world. In spite of his bestial appearance, Vincent had a peaceful soul. He became the heart of the tiny society, a friend and protector to all in it.

Things changed for Vincent the night he found Catherine Chandler. She was a lawyer from a rich family who had fallen foul of muggers and been viciously assaulted then left for dead. Vincent took her into his world, where he nursed her back to health. The two became friends, and inevitably fell in love. His relationship with her slowly forced Vincent to become more involved with the World Above.

"This is where the wealthy and the powerful rule. It is her world, a world apart from mine. Her name is Catherine. From the moment I saw her, she captured my heart with her beauty, her warmth, and her courage. I knew then, as I know now, she would change my life forever."

Sadly, after a romance which lasted a couple of years, a man named Gabriel discovered the existence of Vincent, and sought to exploit him. Believing Catherine to be the key to this, he kidnapped her, only to discover she was pregnant with Vincent's child. Deciding a child would be easier to use than the mother, he waited until Catherine gave birth, then overdosed her with morphine. Vincent had tracked his lover down, but Gabriel escaped before he arrived, and Catherine died in Vincent's arms.

"In this city of night, in this city of millions, there are countless stories. This is one of two lovers who shared a bond that changed their lives forever. It is my story. Her compassion opened my heart to a world where goodness and truth were stronger than hate or fear. Then, one day, she was taken from me by the forces of evil she battled so bravely. And now, alone with her memory, yet armed with her courage, I have sworn to fight those who would kill or harm or destroy, in the hope that one day I will find what all men seek to find: my destiny."

Vincent eventually tracked down Gabriel, killed him, and retrieved his son. Little is known of his actions since then.

Comments: The show was created by Ron Koslow. Vincent was played by Ron Perlman. Catherine was played by Linda Hamilton.

CLARIFICATIONS: Vincent, sometime known as the Beast, should not be confused with

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