Real Name: Kátia Maria Farias Lins

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Private detective

Affiliations: Gilberto Schwartz Gomes (boyfriend, former police officer)

Enemies: Doroti, Lacrau, Negative-Velta, Jordan Almeida, Chameleon Girl, Purple Woman, Masked Karate Girl, Professor Macieira

Known Relatives: Karina (sister), Kelson (brother), Joel (father), Suzana (mother, deceased)

Aliases: Kate

Base of Operations: Belo Horizonte, capital of state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil

First Appearance: School newspaper O Comunicador (1973)

Powers/Abilities: Able to transform from her normal form to that of a giant (seven foot tall), Amazonian body. She can fire blasts of bio-energy (in the form of light, electricity or concussive force) from any part of her body (usually her fists). She regenerates injuries at amazing speed, and is all but immune to disease. Her skin is resistant to heat.

History: Used by the alien Snirko as a test subject for genetic experiments, gained the ability to transform herself into a Amazonian giantess. She became a detective and crimefighter, not out of a desire to gain justice, but rather to make money, show off and for the thrill of adventure.

Velta's human form, Kátia. Comments: Created by Emir Ribeiro.

Thanks to Mestre Chen for informing me of this character and providing images of her. Thanks to Emir Ribeiro for additional information.


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