Real Name: Body Vandervecken;  mind Callistrax

Identity/Class: Human possessed by spirit of human from the far future

Occupation: Scientist, head of Future Dynamics

Affiliations: The Futurians

Enemies: Inheritors; Moosie, Rocco, Lennie

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: The Dutchman

Base of Operations: Future Dynamics, Colorado;
formerly Terminus

First Appearance: Marvel Graphic Novel #9: The Futurians

Powers/Abilities: A scientific genius with knowledge of technology millions of years in advance of the 20th century. In his new host body, he has the ability to mentally influence those modified by the Terminus genetic time bombs. He has also demonstrated the ability to project lethal bolts of energy, although this might have been a temporary power only usable briefly following his arrival in the 20th century, a by-product of his time trip.


Comments: Created by Dave Cockrum.


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