Earth 4 (a.k.a. Urth 4)

Membership: Fyre, Watr and Ayre. Fourth member's name unknown (I'm guessing Urth).




Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Ms.Mystic #2 (Pacific Comics, 1982); Ms.Mystic (Continuity Comics); Urth 4

History: Having been injured in battle, the environmentalist witch Ms.Mystic called on Mother Nature to lend her aid, and so Mother Nature created a group of Elementals, who would later take on the name Urth 4 (later still they renamed themselves Earth 4).

Comments: Having first been called simply the Elementals when they debuted in 1982, by the time they returned in 1993, when Continuity reprinted the original stories and took up the rest of the tale, another group had made that name their own. I would guess this is why they took on the new name of Urth 4.

Thanks to Nathan Genovese for providing the names of most of the team members.


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