Undersea Agent

Real Name: Davy Jones

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Government operative, former Navy Lieutenant

Affiliations: UNDERSEA (United Nations Department of Experiment and Research Systems Established at Atlantis), U.S. Navy, Professor Weston, Skooby Doolittle, Renaca Del Mar, Paolo, Manaiians, Barbara Frost, Dolph, Merman, Elysse, Xlor

Enemies: Dr. Fang, Dr. Mayhem, Lemurians, Captain Kcab, THEM (The Hosts of Evil Motives), King Midas, Tyro, Panther Whales, Dr. Malevolent, General Zomba, the Pirate, the Eel, Malak the Killer, the Commandant, Ba'Tonga

Known Relatives: Theresa Jones (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Atlantis

First Appearance: U.N.D.E.R.S.E.A. Agent #1 (Tower Comics, January 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Davy Jones is charged with "electrical magnetic power." He can use this to stick to metal objects. His power fades in time, but he wears a belt that can restimulate it, and which allows him to set his magnetic field to either attract or repel metal. He can also generate a devastating electrical charge which can stun or kill anything he comes into contact with.

As a result of his exposure to Weston's Molecular Densifier, Jones also briefly possessed superhuman strength and durability while underwater, as the process gave him denser tissues and bone structure; this allowed him to endure the incredible pressures of the ocean depths for prolonged periods even without his special pressure suit. In a normal surface atmosphere he is now stronger than a regular human, albeit one who keeps himself at the top level of physical fitness. He took pills which adjusted his metabolic rate for a half hour at a time and which supply him with oxygen, so that he did not need to wear a diving helmet to breathe. However, the process apparently wore off, as there was no sign of these powers in subsequent adventures.

Jones wears a pressure suit designed by Professor Weston that can cope with extreme pressure, allowing him to survive in the deepest parts of the world's oceans; its fabric is only a single molecule thick and permits free oxygen in the water to enter, enabling the wearer to breathe without the encumberance of scuba tanks. A miniaturised energy cell generates electricity through an exchange of sea water to create steam which heats the suit and drives the suit through the water at incredible speed. He is armed with a gun which fires concussion bullets; non-lethal, when they detonate underwater they knock out most living things within fifteen feet.

History: When the villainous genius Dr. Fang discovered Lemuria and convinced its amphibious humanoid natives to serve him and his Red Chinese allies, U.S. Navy Lt. Davy Jones was recruited by UNDERSEA, a UN operation run by Fang's altruistic rival, Professor Weston. Based out of Atlantis, a high-tech underwater city constructed over the ruins of the original, legendary Atlantis, which Weston had rediscovered, Davy Jones became UNDERSEA's agent in opposing Fang's dreams of conquest.

A chance encounter with a gigantic electric eel during a mission against the pirate King Midas later gave Jones an array of superhuman powers; Jones was touching a submarine when the eel discharged its electricity against him, and his body completed a circuit to the submarine's atomic conveyer, resulting in the super-magnification of the minute electrical charges humans normally produce, turning Jones into a human walking generator and electro-magnet. His new condition would have been temporary, but Professor Weston designed a belt to restimulate it, allowing him to turn it off and on. Several adventures later Jones underwent a process of molecular densification, granting him further powers.

Comments: Created by Samm Schwartz and Ray Bailey.

Though he never met them in the comics, Undersea Agent is definitely set in the same universe as the THUNDER Agents, as Professor Weston mentions in the second issue that Jones' acquisition of superpowers now gives UNDERSEA an agent on a par with the THUNDER Agents.

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