Uncle Creepy

Real Name: Unrevealed; name may be Creepy

Identity/Class: Supernatural being

Occupation: Horror host

Affiliations: Cousin Eerie, Sister Creepy, Vampirella

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Dr. Habeas, a vampire, werewolf, ghoul, re-animated corpse, mummy, witch-woman (all seven his progenitors), Vampirella (alleged niece), Cousin Eerie, Sister Creepy (unconfirmed relationships - may be his cousin and sister)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Creepy #1 (Warren, 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Knows an endless litany of macabre tales.

History: Obsessed with discovering the secret of eternal life, Dr. Habeas concluded that monsters were immortal, and decided to study them in order to discover the common factor in their life fluids. With assistance from the hunchback Drakow, he set up a laboratory in a castle in Transylvania (as you do) near a village full of suspicious peasants (what else?). Drakow lured or captured several monsters, including a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy and a witch woman. He gained his final subject, a ghoul, by offering the corpse-eater refuge from a pursuing mob, and arrived back at the castle just as Habeas confirmed that Victor Frankenstein's experiments had been genuine by using Frankenstein's notebooks to reanimate a corpse. With the Frankenstein process, he was sure he could finally isolate the immortality elixir, but Drakow informed him the vampire had escaped. Caught in the act of slaying one of the villagers, the vampire flew back to the castle as a bat, its destination noted by the villagers. Swiftly grabbing the ever-handy pitchforks and torches, a mob stormed the castle. Feeling himself on the verge of success, Habeas ignored Drakow's warnings and insisted on electronically distilling the life-prolonging element from the monsters' blood samples. He had just succeeded in producing the life fluid when the villagers broke into the lab. Proclaiming him a monster-maker, they went for the doctor, but Drakow valiantly protected his master, throwing himself in the path of a bullet. Habeas fled into the dungeon and unleashed his captives, ordering them to attack the villagers so he could get a head start fleeing, but (unsurprisingly) they instead turned on their tormentor. As they attacked him, he dropped the flask containing the fluid, which smashed on the stone floor. Witnessing the creatures ripping into Habeas, the villagers threw their torches, setting all alight. Satisfied they had destroyed the horrors, the villagers returned home, but in the burned-out dungeon the life fluid reacted strangely with the charred remains of the incredible collection of monsters. Later, the rays of the full moon struck the bubbling pool, and something living crawled its way out of the slime and muck, wailing. The creature would grow up to become Uncle Creepy, rebuilding the dungeon to hold comic artists instead of monsters.

Comments: Uncle Creepy's origin was revealed in Creepy #4's "Monster Rally," written by Archie Goodwin and drawn by Angelo Torres.


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