Real Name: Carlos Couto

Identity/Class: Human Technology User (Alien technology)

Occupation: Geologist

Affiliations: Ziggy (an alien computer, property of the Galactic Patrol ), Amanda Rosselli (girlfriend)

Enemies: Sargozz and Letha (alien villains), The Alucinado (a big monster with grey skin), The Krah-Niox (a transmorph race from a far distant world)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A damaged alien spaceship, from the Galactic Patrol, buried below an ice mountain in the South Pole.

First Appearance: Quadroid site (virtual comic, September 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, possesses increased strength, invulnerability (with force-field on). Can fire energy bolts.

History: Carlos Couto was a geologist in a Brazilian scientific base in Antarctica. It was attacked and destroyed by Sargozz, an alien villain who was in search of a precious mineral on Earth. Carlos was the only survivor and was rescued by Ziggy, a computer which commanded a ship from the Galactic Patrol. The ship fell on the South Pole, was badly damaged and was unable to fly again, so, to stop the evil plans of Sargozz and try to rescue Hull-Traax, the patrol-man who pursued him to Earth, Ziggy recruited Carlos into the Galactic Patrol, giving him the uniform and weapons of a patrol-man.

Comments: Created by E.C.Nickel, Brazilian comic artist and writer, who also provided me with both profile information and the image of Ultrax used here.


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