Classification: T-X Terminator

Creator: Skynet

User/Possessors: Skynet

First Appearance: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The T-X is coated in a poly-mimetic alloy, allowing it to reshape its appearance to mimic virtually anything it has come into contact with. It possesses superhuman strength, and is equiped with a variety of onboard weapons which it can deploy from it's arms. It can interface with computer systems, and can inject "nano-machines" into other machines, allowing it to assume control over them and direct them remotely.

History: The T-X was developed by Skynet to act as a killer of rogue/reprogrammed Terminators. Only one has been seen, which had been sent back in time just prior to the nuclear war which wiped out most of humanity. It's mission was to kill various individuals who would otherwise survive the war, and later become important members of the human resistance movement.

Comments: Thanks to David Spence for additional information.

T-X (Terminator 3 "Terminatrix")

Real Name: T-X

Identity/Class: Robot (not cyborg as it's "flesh" is actually faked using poly-mimetic metal)

Occupation: Terminator - hunter/killer of specified targets

Affiliations: Skynet

Enemies: Kate Brewster, John Connor, T-850, Robert Brewster, Jose Barrera, Bill Anderson

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Scott Mason, Kate Brewster

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Powers/Abilities: see Powers/Abilities/Functions of the model above

History: The T-X was sent back to modern day Los Angeles, where it took on the form of a human female, and swiftly acquired transportation and weapons. Using the phone system it tapped into computer records and located it's targets; several youths who were destined to survive the forthcoming nuclear war and become leaders in the resistance. It slew three of them, before moving on Kate Brewster, the future wife of resistance head John Connor. At Brewster's place of work, it discovered the presence of John Connor himself; Connor was the prime target for any Terminator, but had long taken measures to ensure he could not be found through any records which might survive the war, living "off the grid". Before it could kill either Brewster or Connor, it was interrupted by the arrival of another Terminator, an obsolete T-850 model reprogrammed by the future Kate and sent back to protect her and John. A lengthy pursuit eventually saw it's quarry evade it; however the T-X killed and replaced Scott Mason, Kate's fiancee, and when the police came to her residence to report that Kate's "kidnappers" had been sighted, the T-X was able to reacquire the trail. It confronted the T-850 once more at a cemetary, but again the targets escaped. With Judgement Day imminent, the T-X switched targets, infiltrating the U.S. military's Skynet complex, where it reprogrammed the newly designed T-1's (effectively the T-X's own ancestors) to remove them from human control, before attempting to slay Robert Brewster, the officer in charge of the place and Kate's father, whose military knowledge would otherwise be invaluable to the resistance after the war. The arrival of Kate, John and the T-850 did not manage to prevent it from slaying Robert, and as Skynet took control and activated the T-1's in the base to slay all the humans present, the T-X again targetted the two future resistance leaders. It overpowered the T-850 and used it's nanomachines to take control of the T-850's form, sending it to kill John and Kate; however, John managed to remind the T-800 that his mission was to protect them, allowing the T-800 to shut down and fight off the control. Kate and John fled, heading to a bomb shelter they believed housed Skynet's mainframe. At that base, as Kate and John attempted to gain access, the T-850 and T-X, both badly damaged, had their final battle, the T-800 crashing a helicopter into the T-X to allow John and Kate time to get away. Despite the T-X having lost both its legs in the crash, it still tried to destroy John and Kate as they dived through the bombproof door to the shelter, leaving the T-800 with only one chance of stopping it. Ripping out it's own malfunctioning nuclear power cell, the T-850 shoved it down the T-X's throat, where the device exploded, destroying both of them.

Comments: Played by Kristanna Loken.

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