Real Name: Tron

Identity/Class: Computer programme

Occupation: Digital security program

Affiliations: Alan Bradley (programmer), Kevin Flynn, Yori, Dumont, Ram

Enemies: Master Control Programme; Sark

Known Relatives: Alex Bradley (programmer, hence "father", kind of)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The System

First Appearance: Tron (movie, Walt Disney)

Powers/Abilities: Within the computer's virtual reality, Tron is exceptionally agile and strong compared to other programmes. He is also smarter than average. Other abilities depend largely on what his programmer Alan Bradley gives him; for instance, he temporarily was given the ability to destroy the MCP.

History: Tron was a Digital Control Programme created by computer genius Alan Bradley, designed to monitor other programmes and prevent any abuses of the system. Unknown to Alan, within the system the programmes took on lives of their own, taking on appearances resembling their creators and living out virtual lives. Also unknown to Alan, his boss' Master Control Programme had usurped control of the system, and was dominating the other programmes like a tyrant, derezzing (killing/deleting) any who opposed it and absorbing any useful data or abilities they had. Tron soon became counted as a rebel, and was imprisoned. In captivity, he encountered Kevin Flynn, a human programmer and ally of Alan, who had run foul of the MCP in the real world, and been digitised and brought into the virtual one.

The MCP's subordinate, Sark, took delight in making captive programmes fight to the death against one another within computer games. When Flynn and Tron were placed in a racing game, they managed to break free, and together they helped Tron re-establish contact with Alan, who provided Tron with the weapons necessary to destroy the MCP. Flynn's unique status gave him powers that programmes lacked, and using these, he and Tron were able to reach the MCP's isolated centre of control, where Tron brought his rule to an abrupt end.

Comments: Played by Bruce Boxleitner in the movie.

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