Classification: T-1,000,000

Creator: Skynet

User/Possessors: Skynet

First Appearance: T 2 3-D: Battle Across Time

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The T-1Million is composed of poly-mimetic metal, allowing it to reshape itself to mimic virtually anything it has come into contact with, though it cannot take on the properties of complex machinery or chemical substances (such as explosives). Being effectively a liquid metal, it can create knives or clubs from it's own body, flow through small gaps, and simple seal over most damage. It can interface with computer systems. Truly excessive extremes of heat (in the thousands of degrees - a few hundred doesn't bother it) or cold can do some damage to it, affecting it's ability to shapeshift, and potentially destroying it. It generally takes on the shape of a gigantic metal "spider", with deadly lance-like legs.

History: The T-1,000,000 ("T-One Million") was a gigantic Terminator created to defend Skynet's CPU from attack. When a teenaged John Connor from the 1990s, accompanied by a reprogrammed T-800, penetrated Skynet's main base, the T-1,000,000 was dispatched to kill them. It failed, and Skynet was destroyed.

Comments: Created by James Cameron. The T-1,000,000 appears in the Terminator theme park ride. It's pretty good, so if you have the chance, check it out.

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