Tommy Dawkins, Big Wolf on Campus

Real Name: Thomas P. Dawkins

Identity/Class: Werewolf

Occupation: High school student, would-be football player

Affiliations: Defenders of Decency, Merton J. Dingle, Stacy Hanson, Lori Baxter, Muffy the Werewolf Slayer, Pleasantville High Football Team (captain)

Enemies: Dunleavy, T n' T (Tim and Travis Eckert), Hugo Bostwick, Butch, The Pleasantville Strangler, King Budelmhar, Flugelhoff, Dirk Strykem, Evil Werewolf Syndicate, Dr.Apocalypse, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman

Known Relatives: Bob Dawkins (father, town mayor); Sally Dawkins (mother, news reporter); Dean Dawkins (elder brother, zen couch potato), Thomas Dawkins (ancestor)

Aliases: Tommy, T-Bone, T-Shmoove, Darkfang

Base of Operations: Pleasantville

First Appearance: Big Wolf on Campus #1 "Pilot" (YTV, 2nd April 1999)

Powers/Abilities: Tommy can transform at will into a werewolf - but unfortunately he also transforms under a full moon, when he gets hurt, or when he gets too emotional. In this form he is stronger and faster than normal humans, and has superhuman agility to boot.

History: Tommy Dawkins was a high school jock at Pleasantville High, the school's all-star football player. Out in the woods celebrating the start of his senior year, he was bitten by a werewolf. Though he survived the attack, he became infected with lycanthropy, and soon underwent his first transformation into a wolfman; luckily (unlike every other person seen to be infected) his basic good nature remained in control. Seeking help and unsure of who else to turn to, he sought the assistance of the school's biggest outcast, fantasy / horror obsessed Goth, Merton Dingle. Merton's encyclopedic knowledge of the supernatural (or at least, movies of same), has proven invaluable as Tommy has tried to both find a cure and protect his home from the continuous stream of supernatural threats which plague his home town.

Comments: Tommy was played by Brandon Quinn during the three seasons and sixty-five episodes of the series.

  1. Pilot

  2. The Bookmobile

  3. Butch Comes To Shove

  4. Cat Woman

  5. Witch College

  6. The Pleasantville Strangler

  7. Stage Fright

  8. That Swamp Thing You Do

  9. Muffy The Werewolf Slayer

  10. Stalk Like An Egyptian

  11. Flugelhoff

  12. Invisible Merton

  13. The Wolf Is Out There

  14. Interview With A Werewolf

  15. Fangs For The Memories

  16. Time And Again

  17. Big Bad Wolf

  18. Scary Terri

  19. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

  20. The Exor-Sis

  21. Don't Fear The Reaper

  22. Game Over

  23. Hello Nasty (start of Season 2)

  24. Frank Stein

  25. Commie Dawkins

  26. The Girl Who Spied Wolf

  27. Apocalypse Soon

  28. The Sandman Cometh

  29. The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

  30. Imaginary Fiend

  31. 101 Damnations

  32. Mind Over Merton

  33. Blame It On The Haim

  34. Pleased To Eat You

  35. The Manchurian Werewolf (1)

  36. The Manchurian Werewolf (2)

  37. Mr. Roboto

  38. Rob: Zombie

  39. Fear And Loathing In Pleasantville

  40. Faltered States

  41. Butch Is Back

  42. Voodoo Child

  43. She Will, She Will Rock You

  44. A Clip Show: The Kiss Of Death

  45. Stone Free (start of Season 3)

  46. Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

  47. I Dream Of Becky

  48. Stormy Weather

  49. Being Tommy Dawkins

  50. Hellection / Demonocracy in America

  51. Save The Last Trance

  52. Anti-Claus Is Coming To Town

  53. N'Sipid

  54. Very Pale Rider

  55. Play It Again, Samurai

  56. Dances Without Wolves

  57. Baby On Board

  58. The Boy Who Tried Wolf

  59. The Mertonator

  60. What's Vlud Got To Do With It?

  61. There's Something About Lori

  62. Switch Me Baby One More Time

  63. What's The Story, Mourning Corey

  64. Thanks

  65. A Clip Show: The Sum Of All Fears

The last episode aired on 7th April 2002, with Tommy beginning college.

Merton, Tommy's best friend and closest ally, was played by Danny Smith. His initial love interest, cheerleader Stacy Hanson, was played by Rachel LeFevre. When Stacy left to become a professional cheerleader between first and second seasons, Tommy's got a new girl, reporter-wannabe and martial arts expert Lori Baxter, played by Aimee Castle. Lori soon learned of Tommy's condition, and became an eager helper with his adventures.

During the show's run, Tommy faced just about every supernatural threat conceivable, from mummies to werewolf slayers, from ghosts to evil werewolf guilds, from vampires to Corey Haim. He also met and defeated Dunleavy, the werewolf who created him.


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