Tinieblas (Darkness)

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human magically granted superhuman powers

Occupation: Luchador (wrestler)

Affiliations: Alushe (sidekick); Hun-Kame

Enemies: Vurub-Kame

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Earth and Shibalba

First Appearance: Tinieblas #1 (Shibala Press)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: In the mystic realm of Shibalba, a world where gods and fantastic creatures intermingle, there exist two powerful and antagonistic brothers, Hun-Kame and Vurub-Kame. Every 52 years they compete for the throne of the realm, a competition Vurub-Kame has won for the last few centuries, allowing him to instigate a reign of terror that has engulfed not only Shibalba, but also spilled over into our reality. Now Hun-Kame has decided to even the score by chosing a mortal from Earth and granting him incredible powers, so that he can fight the anarchy that afflicts both worlds. That chosen one is known as Tinieblas.

Comments: Tinieblas was a Luchador to start with, with the history above being ascribed to the comic based on him. Thanks to both Carlos Camacho and Daniel Sierra Carpio for pointing this out. Carlos also mentions that "there were some pulps called "Sensacional de Luchas" were Tinieblas and other wrestlers appeared, but Editorial Ejea or Ejea Press isn´t printing anymore."

Tinieblas is accompanied by the Mayan goblin Alushe who acts as his sidekick (the little white guy in the picture on the left).

Roberto Medina has contacted me to say "Tinieblas appeared from time to time in Capulina's own televiison show along with Alushe. They mostly just help Capulina defeat people that wanted to beat Capulina and his friend Viruta. Also, there was another show of Mexican heroes called Burbujas (bubles) in which Tinieblas and Alushe appeared a couple times to defeat Ecoloco, the anti-hero on the Burbujas show."

Thanks to Antonio Chavez G for the main picture on this page, and to Richard Lopez for corrections.

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