Time Control

Membership: James Blocker, Harl Vinda, Suzi Cho, Quexalcholmec, Marcus Geladius, Dr. Zeidler, Steinie Goldberg, Pol

James Blocker from 1978, Skipper of the Tramp Steamer "Mary Ann Trinder"

Harl Vinda, from the 38th Century, Controller of the Cretaceous Era Temporal Sub-Station

Suzi Cho, from the 32nd Century, Princess of the Haniken Empire

Quexalcholmec, pure strain Aztec, era unspecified.

Purpose: To protect the timeline


Enemies: Droon, Martin Bormann, Mother Eternal

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Starlord #1

History: In 1997 Lyon Sprague discovers a mean for travelling faster than light. Using his interstellar drive man goes to the stars, and by the fortieth century he is the greatest power in the universe. This draws the ire of the Droon, aliens from the Rigel system, whose desire to expand into more territory is being thwarted by humanity. Since mankind is too powerful to beat in the fortieth century, the Droon steal the secret of temporal warp-displacement (a.k.a. time travel). In order to prevent them from destroying mankind at an earlier period in time temporal sub-stations are hidden throughout history, and operatives are recruited from all time periods to form Time Control, dedicated to preventing Time Quakes that might alter the past.

In March 1978, the Droon set in motion a plan that six weeks later starts World War Three, a nuclear holocaust that wipes out humanity. James Blocker is forceably recruited to help the remaining operatives of Time Control, as he was one of the linchpins in the plot. Having helped undo the damage, Blocker discovers that he can't now leave Time-Control. It seems that long range temporal jumps permanently alter the body's metabolism, and that once you've started time travelling you have to continue to do so on a regular basis or your body will crumble to dust within six months.

Comments: Most of Time Control's operatives are normal humans, albeit ones armed with stun guns and time straps (capable of five hundred year hops, then they need an hour to recharge - for longer trips you need to use a base's time warp device.) Some have special powers though. Suzi Cho, as a princess of the Haniken Empire, has the mental ability to distort reality to take on other shapes.The four above are only a handful of the Time Control Operatives, who are recruited from every era. We briefly meet Marcus Geladius in the first story, a centurion attached to the 9th Legion and one of the operatives who kidnaps Blocker, just prior to his death at the hands of the Droon.


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