Real Name: Randolph Steele

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Reporter, scientist, former sideshow strongman

Affiliations: Beverley Holmes (reporter, girlfriend)

Enemies: Dr.Kazarr

Known Relatives: Danny Steele (brother)

Aliases: Mighty Man of Mystery, the Human Thunderbolt, Randy King

Base of Operations: Home City

First Appearance: Active Comics #1 (Commercial Signs, February 1942)

Powers/Abilities: "Feet-plates" allow him to move at great speeds and fly, riding on electrical currents. His belt grants him superhuman strength. His costume renders him immune to electrical attacks. His mask contains a gas mask and sub-aqua breathing mask. He is in top physical shape, and has a sharp mind.

History: After his scientist brother Danny is murdered by Nazi scientists, sideshow strongman Randy Steele changes professions, using his own scientific expertise to create several fantastic devices and become the costumed crimefighter Thunderfist. While his civilian identity works as a reporter for the Home City Times, as Thunderfist he operates from an underground base somewhere in Canada, where he listens to radio news reports, then ventures out to stop crooks and spies.

Comments: Created by E. T. Legault and Murray Karn.

While mostly named as Randolph (or Randy) Steele, I've seen at least one scan where he was identified as Randy King; I guess getting your hero's civilian name wrong wasn't started with Stan Lee misnaming Spider-Man as Peter Palmer.

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