Real Name: Roger Drum

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Aviator

Affiliations: Pha, Hill People, Valley People, Cave People, Sabre, Cave Girl

Enemies: Pathan, Kwa Kung, Shiv Islip, Ivan Paulonoff, formerly Cave People

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: King of the Congo

Base of Operations: The lost city of Shareen, in Lost Lands, somewhere in the Congo

First Appearance: Thun'da #1 (Magazine Enterprises)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled jungle survivor and warrior.

History: After his supply plane crashed while flying across Africa transporting goods intended for the Allied armed forces during World War II, aviator Roger Drum found himself amnesiac and stranded in a strange lost land full of prehistoric creatures, as well as a human tribe and their brutish enemies, the Cave People. Over time he became a master of the jungle, and when he slew a giant snake feared to be an evil god by both tribes, using the last of his bullets, he gained their friendship, bringing peace to the valley. The tribes dubbed him Thun'da after the noise the gun had made. Later, after being forced to slay a sabretoothed tiger that attacked him, Thun'da adopted its cub, raising it to be his friend, Sabre.

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