The Goon

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Mobster

Affiliations: Franky (sidekick), Hellboy, Spider

Enemies: Zombies, Houstus Grave, the Priest, the Hoboes

Known Relatives: Unnamed father and mother, Kizzie (aunt, circus strongwoman)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unnamed city

First Appearance: Dreamwalker #0 (Avatar Press, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Very strong. Able to juggle.

History: After his father went missing and his mother ran off with another man, the child who would become known as the Goon was raised by his Aunt Kizzie, a circus strongwoman. Raised in the circus, the Goon worked as muscle, toting around equipment, until the fateful night that Labrazio, "the most feared crook in the burg" decided to hide out from the cops among the carnies. When the police turned up, Labrazio used the teenage boy as a shield, and Kizzie was shot dead trying to save her nephew. The Goon escaped Labrazio's grasp after the shoot out, and after his aunt died in his arms, he beat the crook to death with a rock. With everyone else dead, the Goon took Labrazio's book of people who owed him, burned all the bodies, and left the circus.

He used Labrazio's book of markers to set himself up as Labrazio's collector, claiming that the crimelord was in hiding. He hooked up with Franky, who became his gunman, and gradually set himself up as a crimelord. But when the Priest began to create zombies, aided by the Grave family, the Goon became the only thing between his city and the hordes of the undead.

Comments: Created by Eric Powell.

Thanks to Ted Roland and Carlos Griego for corrections.


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