Teräslilja (Steel Lily)

"Do you really wanna catch them all?"Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Police lieutenant

Affiliations: World City Police Force

Enemies: Nobody left alive

Known Relatives: Unknown

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: World City

First Appearance: Tähtivaeltaja 'zine

Powers/Abilities: Cyborg body with enhanced strength and speed and bulletproof armouring. Enough strength to rip off limbs and walk through doors. Uses semi-normal but very heavy-calibre slug thrower weapons. Head can act independently and use pincers from a mouth.

History: Teräslilja was an unnamed policeman who was turned a police cyborg - in the first story he visited the grave of his physical body. He had to pay for the operation by working as a police officer. Note that in that particular future, criminals have a right to remain silent - and no other rights to speak of. If Teräslilja kills someone without permission, his chief can only reprimand him because he is no longer legally human. Very sarcastic.

Comments: Satirical creation of Finnish comic artist Pekka Manninen.

Teräslilja is a deliberate parody of Robocop and splatterpunk and action movies. Stories contain lots of B&W graphic violence, bloody firefights and macho commentary.

Petri Hiltunen also made a parody of Teräslilja called "Teräspersilja" (Steel Parsley) which upped the ante ("half man, half machine, half his dead mother...").

Profile by Vesa Lehtinen.


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