The Tenth

Real Name: Victor DeLeon




Enemies: Darkk

Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: The Tenth

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength and invulnerability.

History: Victor DeLeon worked for the CIA. He was sent as part of a covert CIA mission to the experimental town Springdale, where amazing discoveries in cancer research had been unlocked through the incredible genius of Rhazes Darkk. Everyone who lived there was either a patient or worked for Darkklon. Victor infiltrated the organisation and uncovered the diabolical schemes of the madman Darkk. Darkklon wasn't a laboratory for curing diseases, it was ground zero for an alien takeover. Darkk's goal was to reshape the Earth into Darkk Earth. Victor was captured but his life was spared as he fitted Darkk's criteria for The Tenth Supermonster.

EsperanzaRhazes Darkk had crash landed on Earth in the 1960's from a distant planet, carrying the 10 essential life-generating elements that would guarantee his extinct alien race's survival. Using one element at a time he mutated people into Supermonsters; nine Supermonsters had been created to do Rhazes Darkk's bidding before he got his hands on Victor. Each having their own purpose in Darkk's plan, they were spread throughout the globe. But things didn't go as Rhazes planned with Victor - not only did he create the superpowered abomination known as The Tenth - he created the ultimate predator. Unbeknownst to Rhazes, he himself has now become The Tenth's ultimate prey.

Victor now carries the 10th and final ingredient to complete Darkk's scheme. In order to thwart the man who turned him into a beast, he must first face some of Rhazes Darkk's other creations...KillKrow, Blackspell, Gozza and more. On his side is eighteen year old telekinetic Esperanza and her girlfriend Zorina. Esperanza turns out to be a hybrid experiment of Rhazes Darkk while she was still a fetus has a special connection with Victor, who in monster form is known as the "Tenth."



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