Real Name: Natashia Vilhjalmsdottir

Identity/Class: Human mutant (or perhaps mutate)

Occupation: Model

Affiliations: Silver Dollar

Enemies: Hunter, Dr.Fear, Axe

Known Relatives: Unnamed uncle

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Silverstorm #1 (Silverline)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly and control the winds.

History: Natashia was born to a poor Icelandic family. As a young child her uncle molested her, and when she told the rest of her family, they refused to believe her. So at the age of 13 she ran away from home. She made her way to Europe, which she wandered around for several years, before deciding to become a professional model. Natashia established a successful career, becoming one of the world's top super-models.

It was during a Jamaican photo shoot that she first met young industrialist Chris Kastle. The two hit it off straight away, and things might have blossomed between them then and there, if fate hadn't intervened, in the form of two hired supervillains called Axe and Hunter. They overpowered Natashia and Chris and took them to their boss, Doctor Liam Wilderman, a world renouned biochemist who now used the persona Dr.Fear. In order for Chris and her to escape from his clutches, Natashia used her powers openly for the first time. Later they found out that Dr.Fear had stolen a weapon design from one of the labs that Chris owned. Chris put on the battle armour his dead father had designed, and Natashia took the costumed identity of Tempest. When Dr.Fear invaded the UN building in New York the two heroes made their public debut stopping him.

Comments: Created by Thomas Fortenberry.

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