Classification: T-1000

Creator: Skynet

User/Possessors: Skynet

First Appearance: Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The T-1000 is composed of poly-mimetic metal, allowing it to reshape itself to mimic virtually anything it has come into contact with, though it cannot take on the properties of complex machinery or chemical substances (such as explosives). Being effectively a liquid metal, it can create knives or clubs from it's own body, flow through small gaps, and simple seal over most damage. It can interface with computer systems. Truly excessive extremes of heat (in the thousands of degrees - a few hundred doesn't bother it) or cold can do some damage to it, affecting it's ability to shapeshift, and potentially destroying it.

History: The T-1000 was developed by Skynet as an experimental model, the latest in it's Terminator line. As far as we know, only one was ever produced (see below). That prototype was sent back in time to kill John Connor, leader of the resistance, while he was still a teenage boy.

Comments: Created by James Cameron.

T-1000 (Terminator 2)

Real Name: T-1000

Identity/Class: Sentient metal

Occupation: Terminator - hunter/killer of specified targets

Affiliations: Skynet

Enemies: John Connor, Sarah Connor, T-800 Model 101

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Sarah Connor, Janelle Voight, Lewis, others it imitated at various points during it's mission

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

Powers/Abilities: see Powers/Abilities/Functions of the model above

History: The T-1000 was sent back in time to the early 1990's by Skynet, entrusted with locating and killing John Connor, future leader of the resistance but at that point a juvenile delinquent. Taking the form of a police officer, it initially tracked it's target to a shopping mall, but was prevented from slaying Connor by another Terminator, an older T-800 version sent back by the adult Connor to defend his younger self. After a prolonged chase, the T-1000 temporarily lost it's quarry. It attempted to locate Connor again by killing his foster parents and waiting for him to return or make contact, but when it realised that Connor was aware of it's trap, it then proceeded to the insane asylum where John's mother, Sarah Connor, was incarcerated because no one believed her stories of the impending doomsday. It arrived in time to battle the T-800 again, which was there with John rescuing Sarah from her imprisonment.

When it's quarry successfully fled again, it traced them to a desert hideout maintained by survivalist Enrique Salceda; arriving to find it was still a step behind it's quarry, the T-1000 tortured Sal for information, then slew him. The intelligence it got allowed it to track Connor to the home of Dr.Miles Dyson, who was working on the early stages of the Skynet project, but again the target had already left, this time to go to Cyberdyne, Dyson's employers, in order to destroy his research. The T-1000 arrived at Cyberdyne in time to engage the T-800 once more; a prolonged pursuit ended with the Connors and the T-800 crashing their getaway vehicle into a smelting plant, followed moments later by the T-1000 in a stolen HGV. This behemoth crashed into the equipment at the plant, and the T-1000 exited the vehicle to be coated with liquid nitrogen, freezing it's normally pliant form. The T-800 then shattered the now fragile T-1000 with a shot, but the pieces were warmed by a spillage of molten metal, and flowed back together, reforming. The chase resumed, but the T-1000 had been damaged, and had lost some of it's ability to shapeshift properly. In spite of this, it still overpowered it's cyborg ancestor in hand-to-hand combat, then caught up with John and Sarah Connor atop a metal gangway. Before it could kill John, the T-800, badly damaged but not destroyed, arrived in time to send the T-1000 over the edge of the gangway into a smelting tub of molten metal, apparently destroying it.

Comments: Created by James Cameron, played (mainly) by Robert Patrick.

This T-1000 (or others of the same model) turned up in both Wayne's World and Last Action Hero.

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