Real Name: Susquatch

Identity/Class: Terrestrial animal, possibly a subspecies of humanity

Occupation: Sometimes guardian of Passing Cloud's people; the rest of the time, no occupation - it's just a wild animal.

Affiliations: Passing Cloud

Enemies: The Hulk; trappers and hunters, including Clem Foster and Joss Cartwright.

Known Relatives: None - it is the last of it's kind

Aliases: Bigfoot; The Abominable Snowman; Pointy-Head and Animal-Man (the Hulk's names for him)

Base of Operations: Beaver Mountain, located somewhere in one of the wilderness areas of America.

First Appearance: Hulk Comic #12/1 (May 23rd 1979)

Powers/Abilities: The Susquatch had keen senses, as befitted a carnivorous predator. It was extremely strong (at least Class 10 I'd say, since it gives the Hulk a run for his money). It's fangs were powerful enough to pierce the Hulk's skin, and once it's jaw is locked onto a victim's throat, even the Hulk found it difficult to break it's deadly grip. The Susquatch was tough enough to take blows from the Hulk or survive a fall into a deep crevasse without major injury. However it definitely wasn't resistant to bullets.

History: (bts) The Susquatch were a race of ape-like beings who live in the forests around Beaver Mountains. They had forged a sort of alliance with the local Native Americans, who use calming flute music to summon them. When the White Man invaded their land, the Indians used the Susquatch to kill many of them, and in return they freed the great beasts whenever they were caught in the White Man's traps. By modern times, the last of the Native Tribe is Passing Cloud; he is the friend, protector, and sometimes provider for the last of the Susquatch.

(Hulk Comic #12/1) The Susquatch is summoned to Passing Cloud's cabin by the sound of his flute. However as it nears the wooden house, the music stops and the Susquatch sees it's old friend being threatened by a strange green man...the Hulk! Knowing no fear, the immense creature rushes to attack, smashing them both through the wall of the cabin into the snow beyond, and locking it's powerful fangs into the emerald behemoth's throat.

(HC #13/1) The two giants continue their struggle. Strong as the Susquatch is, the Hulk is stronger, but even he cannot break the snow beast's hold on his throat. The Hulk lifts the creature aloft, berserk with rage and pain, and runs off the edge of a gaping chasm, all the while with the Susquatch's jaws locked round his neck. They hit the ground with the Susquatch on the bottom, stunning the creature and finally forcing it to relinquish it's hold. The Hulk smashes the Susquatch into the rock face, dislodging some snow and ice at the top of the chasm. As the Hulk picks up his foe to finish him off, the falling snow crashes down on him, distracting him long enough for Susquatch to strike back. Before it can follow through it's attack however, both fighters are entranced by the music played by Passing Cloud, who has recovered from his earlier ordeal at the Hulk's hands and followed them into the forest. The Hulk calmly listens as Passing Cloud explains his people's connection with the local "Bigfoot".

(HC #14/1) The calm atmosphere is disturbed by a helicopter flown by Forest Rangers summoned by local hunters who had earlier encountered the Hulk. Simultaneously, Susquatch picks up the scent of approaching strangers, hunters and trappers armed with guns. Knowing from experience that it guns can hurt it, the Susquatch tries to flee, only to be shot in the back by it's pursuers. It is dead before it hits the ground, and Passing Cloud, it's only friend, kneels beside it in mourning.

Comments: Created by Steve Parkhouse and Paul Neary.

Adapted from the profile I did for the Appendix to the Marvel Universe site.

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