The Silver Surfer (1998)

The Silver Surfer cartoon lasted one seasons and 13 episodes, though a second series had been in the writing stages when Marvel's bankruptcy killed the production. Like most of the Marvel cartoons of the 1990s, it was fairly faithful to the comics, and used many of the characters from there. The entire series has been released on DVD in the UK by Clear Vision Ltd.

New characters

The Soul Hunter

So which mainstream Marvel characters have counterparts in this reality?

Lead characters: Silver Surfer

Supporting cast, etc: Shalla Bal; Eternity; Infinity

Fellow heroes: The Watcher; Nova; Pip the Troll; Mentor; Drax the Destroyer; Beta Ray Bill; Gamora; Adam Warlock; The Fantastic Four (Mr.Fantastic, Human Torch, Invisible Woman, Thing); Rom

Villains: Ego the Living Planet, Galactus; Thanos; Nebula; The Kree; The Skrulls; The Supreme Intelligence; Morg; Terrax

There is a site devoted to this cartoon here.

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