les Super-Zéros

Membership: Love, Dan, Babe and Carlos

Purpose: Unknown

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Unknown

Base of Operations: Unknown - I'd guess Quebec, Canada.

First Appearance: Unknown

History: les Super-Zéros are four guys who discovered a magic teapot created by a genius ("made in Hong Kong" apparently). This device transforms them into superheroes - Love becomes Super-Vedette ("Super Star), Dan becomes Super-Limier("Super-Sleuthhound"?), Babe is Super-Jumbo(exactly the same after translation) and Carlos is Super-Génie (Super-Genius)

Comments: Created by Michel "Love" D'Amours (when he was sixteen). He also created Pyroman.

I know very little about these guys, so if anyone can shed more light on them, please get in touch.

Thanks to Mike Berthold for giving me the correct translation of Vedette.

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