Real Name: George G. Geef (given in some of the Goofy cartoons)

Identity/Class: Anthropomorphic dog with powers gained by ingesting mutated plants.

Occupation: various

Affiliations: Ellsworth (Goofy's talking pet Mynah Bird); Super Gilly

Enemies: The Phantom Blot; Bad Pete; Emil Eagle; the Beagle Boys; Red Arrow

Known Relatives: Effie (wife, divorced or dead as he is now a single parent as of Goof Troop); Maximillian (son, a.k.a Max, Junior, "George Junior" - either that or there is second son, George Junior who is either dead or living with his mother); Gilbert (nephew, a.k.a. Super Gilly); Marmaduke, Roderick (nephews); Ophal Dizzy , Wombat, Joe, Howan Dawg, Angelo, Verner von Goof (uncles); Mighty Knight (ancestor); Matilda, Goofilia (aunt); Batts (cousin); Cap'n Windjammer, Gen. Patten-Leather (great-uncle); Indiana Pipps (cousin, an archaeologist, only in Italian comics, a.k.a. Arizona Goof)

Aliases: Dppy Dawg (his name in early cartoons); Dippy the Goof (so called because of his goofy nature); Goofy (his most common nickname)

Base of Operations: Spoonerville, U.S.A.

First Appearance: (as Goofy) Mickey's Revue (Disney Cartoon, 1932); (as Super Goof) The Phantom Blot Meets Super Goof (#2 of the Phantom Blot comic from Gold Key, 1964)

History: (The Phantom Blot #2) George G. Geef, better known by his nickname of "Goofy" first came up with the costumed identity of Super Goof after accidentally drinking a cup of super fuel produced by Gyro Gearloose. Believing he had gained superpowers, he put on an old potato sack as a cape, and stripped to his long red underwear and went off in pursuit of the Phantom Blot. In spite of his beliefs however, he had not actually obtained superhuman powers.

(Donald Duck #102) A short while later Gyro manufactured a special cape that provided the bearer with some super powers and gave it to Goofy, allowing him to resume his costumed hero identity, this time with some genuine abilities.

(Super Goof #1, The Thief of Zanzipar) Discovering Super Goobers (a special type of peanuts which grant superpowers) in his back garden, Goofy resumes the role of Super Goof on an ongoing basis. He stores his magical peanuts under his hat.

(Super Goof #5, The Twister Resisters) Goofy's nephew Gilbert stumbles on his uncle's secret. Eating a Super Goober, he becomes Super Gilbert (later shortened to Super Gilly).

(Super Goof #31, The Great Big Super Goobers) Super Goof discovers that his peanuts originate from Mexico where they are grown by native hero Superior Senor.

Powers/Abilities: Super strength, super breath, super telescopic vision and super flight.

Comments: Copyright of this character to Walt Disney Corporation. The Super Goof incarnation was first created by Del Connell for the second issue of Gold Key's Phantom Blot comic. Chase Craig was the person who would later suggest giving him powers through eating peanuts. Over the years many others have eaten the peanuts and briefly gained powers, including the Big Bad Wolf, Chip and Dale, and Pluto. However only Goofy and Gilbert did so on more than a handful of occasions.

Among his many foes was the Red Arrow, first appearing in Super Goof #68, a recurring villain who gained his powers by eating super garlic.

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