Supermind's Son

Real Name: Dan Warren

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Professor Supermind

Enemies: The Brain (Sorel), Cruelblitz

Known Relatives: Professor Warren (Supermind, father)

Aliases: The Devil (name given him by the Nazis)

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Popular Comics #60 (Dell Comics, February 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, superhumanly strong, electrical field destroys bullets before they reach him and protects him from explosions. Able to discharge electricity at a distance and can burn through metal on contact. Can communicate telepathically with his father.

History: After developing the Energy Machine, a device which could charge a human body with electrical power "equal to 1,000 H.P.",  Professor Warren, a.k.a. Professor Supermind, and his son Dan decided to use this invention to tackle crime. They would use some of the Professor's other inventions, the Televisioscope, which could receive television pictures from anywhere on the globe, and the Direction Finder, which could contact any location accurately and quickly, to track down criminals, then Dan would charge himself up and go into crimefighting mode. Though usually unmasked, Dan sometimes did wear a bandana-style mask over his eyes to disguise his identity when required.

Comments: Professor Supermind and Son appeared in Popular Comics #60 through #71, remaining cover featured throughout their run.

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