Real Name: Jo-Con-Él

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Former accountant, later assistant director of an ad agency / film production company, Llauna Films

Affiliations: Jaime González; Luisa Lanas (both work colleagues); El Supergrupo (member of this team, whose other members include Capitan Hispania, El Bruto, La Chica Increible, Latas and El Mago); El Hombre Araña; El Hombre Eléctrico

Enemies: La Increíble Maza (The Incredible Mace); Luz Luminosa (Luminous Light); Chiclón; Al Trapone; Escariano Avieso; Refuller D'Abastos; Lady Araña

Known Relatives: Jolin (son); Jolina (daughter) - collectively the two are known as Los Gemelos Superlópez (The Superlopez Twins).

Aliases: Juan López Fernández; Super-Meier (German printings); Superdan (Danish printing); Superlopis (Catalan printing); Superegon (Norwegian printings)

Base of Operations: Barcelona; Villa Soledad, North Pole (a parody of Superman's Fortress of Solitude)

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly, superhumanly strong, invulnerable, super hearing and super vision. Many of these powers don't work while he is out of his superhero costume, probably because of a psychological barrier rather than a physical restriction. The costume itself is made of a fireproof super fabric.

History: SuperLopez is an alien from the planet Chitón

Comments: SuperLopez was originally created as a parody of Superman. He was created by Juan Lopez Fernandez in 1973, although he didn't gain a regular series until 1979, when he began to appear in Olé! Since then he has appeared in around forty anthologies chronicling his adventures.

As stated in the Powers section, he needs his suit to enable him to use his powers. He has hidden copies of his costume in every phone booth in Barcelona, allowing him to change identities in any of them.

His enemy Luz Luminosa blinds people by reflecting the light of his lantern off his bald spot, while Chiclón is a giant robot made out of "chicles" (which is bubble-gum, strawberry, mint, chlorophile, flavored chewing gum, according to Carlos M.Gutiérrez.)

Thanks to David Fraile-Vieyto for providing additional information on this character. Check out his Super Lopez website.

Supergrupo (in German)

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