Stunning Woman

Real Name: Carol Rosas

Identity/Class: Human transformed by technological device

Occupation: School Teacher

Affiliations: Astonish Boy, Speed Paladin, The Spacial Super Hero Squad

Enemies: Dr. Diavolo, The Laughter (O Risada), The Skull (O Caveira), The Blowpipe (O Macarico).

Known Relatives: Aunt Marta, Bob Rosas (brother)

Aliases: Big Breasts Flying Girl

Base of Operations: Earth

First Appearance: A Estonteante Mulher-Estupenda #01 (July 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Stunning Strength, stunning velocity, stunning flight, stunning perspicacity and almost complete invulnerability.

History: Carol Rosas was a school teacher whose life was changed when she went on a school trip. When a flying saucer fell from the skies nearby, the school bus crashed too. Recovering the conscience Carol saved the life of one of the extra-terrestrials, who showed it's gratitude for her kindness and courage by giving her a present: the Medallion-Stunning, a powerful cosmic amulet which would grant amazing powers. Afterwards Carol took the bus and the children within to the hospital. There she learned that from now on she would be the new guardian of the cosmic amulet.

Comments: The character was created by Brazilian cartoonist JJ Marreiro, who provided images and information for this profile. He notes that "Initially people thought it was a take on an old character, because the look and the histories were created with a certain Golden Age feel. In Brazil the character's adventures are published in Independent magazines and in newspaper strips, where she has a more cartoonized line."

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