Real Name: Morgan Stryker

First Appearance: Cyberforce





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Stryker, one of the original founders of the Cyberforce, is a cybernetically enhanced mutant with four arms (that's his mutant ability. Four fully functional arms. That's it) and a glass eye. This enables him to a)lift heavy things, b) shoot four guns simultaneously, and c) have clear night vision in infrared and ultraviolet. He also has targeting computers to identify and aim at potential targets. His cybernetic arms (his real ones were blasted away) can be yanked off to either free himself from bonds, or can be cannibalized for various weapons.

Formerly a major in Special Forces, Stryker lost three of his arms in an explosion. Experimented upon by a Dr. Reinbek, he was given cybernetic replacements and a life-lengthening elixir. After working for various agencies including the CIA, he was recruited by Cyberdata and given updated versions of his cybernetic arms. Critically wounded during a mission, his "brain box" was removed by Dr. Corben during the surgery that saved his life. After helping form Cyberforce, he created the mercenary group Stryke Force after recruiting various mutants on a mission as a favour to an old friend. (The mission ended up being a trap, which is precisely the reason Heatwave refused to let Cyberforce get involved.)

Powers/Abilities: Four arms, skilled combatant



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