Real Name: Stig

Identity/Class: Undead spirit

Occupation: Ruler of Hell

Affiliations: Buer, Virgil

Enemies: Lord Satan, Scarmiglione, Barbariccia

Known Relatives: Unnamed mother

Aliases: Stiggums (name his mother called him when he was a baby)

Base of Operations: The Inferno, a.k.a. Hell

First Appearance: Stig's Inferno (Vortex, 1984)

Powers/Abilities: Stig is a deep and philosophical thinker who seems to cope fairly well with encountering outrageous demons all the time. Even when he was barely an infant, he was able to cogitate deep thoughts (although one of those thoughts was unfortunately "I'd sell my soul for my rattle"). Somehow he proved to be immune to being eaten by Buer (who eats everyone else he encounters, but couldn't keep Stig down), unaffected by the curse Satan put on his chair to stop others sitting on it (it turned Ciriatto into a rabbit), and when we last saw him, he had just developed the ability to fire bolts of hellfire from his hands. However he still can't seem to get anyone to supply him with a pair of pants.

History: Stig lived in a bizarre house in the middle of nowhere, complete with a demonic netherworld, wretched spirit talisman on the wall of the master bedroom. Stig had built the house himself, but somehow the demonic netherworld, wretched spirit talisman had been there when he moved in; he figured it was the neighbourhood kids playing pranks (this might have been more likely if he had actually lived somewhere there were neighbourhood kids...or even a neighbourhood). While showing a date, Beatrice, about the place, he discovered the beings living in his grand piano (actually the piano was only their summer house, but that's another story). Rather than allow him to evict them, they slammed the lid down on his head, killing him.

Stig awoke to find himself in Hell. After a series of misadventures he crashed Charon's boat into the middle of one of Satan's parties, drawing the attention of the Director of Hell himself. Satan ordered the annoying Stig to be taken to "the Cavern of a Million Screams", but the exceptionally thick minions, Calcabrina and Ciriatto, given the job of taking him there got mixed up, and instead dumped him in the Dark Lord's own Pleasure Palace. When they realised their mistake, Calcabrina and Ciriatto panicked and tried to cover up by dumping Satan in the Chamber of a Million Screams. Then Stig, on the run from the Pleasure Palace and exhausted by his ordeals, decided to take a nap ...and fell asleep in Satan's chair. Calcabrina and Ciriatto discovered him there, and since no one but the Dark Lord would dare to sit in the Dark Lord's chair, they decided he must be Satan in disguise, testing them. And so Stig became the new Dark Lord, ruler of the Underworld.

Comments: Created by Ty Templeton. His site has several of the issues free to read online (thanks to Brad Templeton for this information).

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