Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Extra-terrestrial

Occupation: Freedom fighter; comic book editor

Affiliations: Tharg the Mighty

Enemies: The Interstellar Federation

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Interstellar space

First Appearance: Starlord #1 (IPC, 13th May 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Knowledgable in tactics and strategy, as well as the races of the universe. A good blaster shot. Other powers unknown.

History: "I am Starlord. I have escaped the forces of Interstellar Federation who cast their monstrous shadow across the entire universe, to bring you a dire warning! Unless you embark on an immediate crash-course in interstellar survival...this planet Earth will suffer the most cataclysmic catastrophe in its history! I cannot reveal to you the full extent of the danger that looms for Earth! But I have seen the Gronks swarming in the star-spawned outer reaches of space - a sure sign of inter-Galactic disaster! You must be on your guard! You must watch the stars! The enemy is massing to strike! But help is at hand! 'Starlord' is your paper...and your crash-course in Interstellar Survival! Use my Stellar Strategies to prepare yourselves!"

And thus intergalactic hero Starlord tried to prepare Earth, disguising his course as a series of comic strips. After 22 issues it was announced that humanity's readiness had discouraged the would be attackers, that we were safe, and that Starlord could return to space, leaving us safe in the hands of his friend, Tharg.

Comments: Starlord was the character created to be the editor for the short lived Starlord comic (what an ego - even Tharg the Mighty, known for being an ego-maniac, didn't call his magazine after himself!).

Chris McCrohan reminded me that Starlord made a cameo in "X-Mas Party", a non-canon Judge Dredd story that appeared in the 1980 Dan Dare annual, in which Tharg gets a bunch of characters together to throw a surprise party for Dredd. Starlord was wearing a sign around his neck which read "Spare a coin for the unemployed".

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