Stanislaus Korivitsky

Real Name: Stanislaus Korivitsky

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Executioner; formerly History Professor

Affiliations: Judah Macabee,  Badbrains, formerly the Merk

Enemies: Nexus

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "The Next Nexus"

Base of Operations: Brainworld; formerly the University of Wisconsin, Earth; formerly Ylum

First Appearance: Nexus #57 (First Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Nexus is able to fly, both in an atmosphere and through space. He can generate deadly energy bolts capable of vaporizing things. He possesses a force field which protects him from most weapons and the rigors of outer space. After the Merk cut of his powers, Stan struck a deal with the Badbrains to be his new suppliers of fusion powers.

History: When Horatio Hellpop quit his role as Nexus, the alien Merk began looking for a suitable replacement. He eventually settled on Stan Korivistky, who initially proved an excellent choice. However the pressure, combined with the Merk's capricious withdrawing of power at inopportune moments, eventually drove Stan insane. Stan began slaying indiscriminately, and when the Merk removed his powers entirely, Stan made a deal with the Badbrains to become his new suppliers. His predecessor, Horatio Hellpop, restored as Nexus, was forced to hunt him down to end his rampage; ironically though, it was an enemy of Horatio's who slew Stan, mistaking the latter for the former in the heat of their battle with one another.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.


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