Spy Boy

Real Name: Alex Fleming

Identity/Class: Highly trained human

Occupation: Student, international spy

Affiliations: Bombshell, Young Justice


Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Spy Boy #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

History: Alex Fleming was a typical 15 year old. Like many of his contemporaries he often found himself the butt of the bully's attention. He was the kid who gets his head shoved into the toilet bowl. And like many teenagers, he would dream of things being different - in fact he kept having visions of what he could do in given circumstances. It was like he always knew how to handle a situation but couldn't bring himself to go ahead and do it.

Then his life abruptly changed with the entry of two things into his life. One, a mysterious female named Bombshell who started hanging around the house and simply watching him, but disappearing amidst the company of fairly severe explosions whenever he noticed her. And two, the fact that he was intercepted by mysterious individuals who unleashed within him a persona that he did not know he had. A persona who was ruthless, vicious, utterly self-sufficient, utterly prepared to face down any situation. A persona that is codenamed SpyBoy.

Spyboy is a split personality of Alex that can only brought out when a certain combination of flashing lights are in front of him. He is a super Spy for the S.H.I.R.T.S. (Secret Headquarters International Reconnaissance, Tactics and Spies) who battle the S.K.I.N.S (Supreme Killing Institute.).

Powers/Abilities: Highly skilled secret agent

Comments: Created by Peter David, majorly modified from an idea from Dark Horse comics.


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