Real Name: Sparx

Identity/Class: Hologram

Occupation: Lightning Knight

Affiliations: Mark Hollander, Ace Lightning

Enemies: Lord Fear, Googler, Pigface, Staffhead, Anvil, Dirty Rat, Lady Illusion, Kilobyte;
Random Virus (only an enemy of the Lightning Knights when he’s in evil mode – and he has a faulty program which means he often switches back and forth between good and evil – the good side of him is one of Ace’s best friends, and though he appears to have little contact with Sparx, they still apparently know each other)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.S.A.;
originally Sixth Dimension

First Appearance: Ace Lightning (4th September 2002)

Powers/Abilities: Martial arts, gymnastics, uses the Sword of Jacob – a weapon which discharges pink electrical energy. Unlike Ace Lightning, Sparx is unable to fly, but uses the Lightning Flash (rather like a flying jet-ski which comes to her when she whistles) to get around.

History: Sparx is Ace Lightning’s original sidekick, summoned to the human world by Mark Hollander, when he put together two pieces of the Amulet of Zoar, opening a portal to the Sixth Dimension (Ace and Sparx’s home  reality). Upon her arrival, Sparx saved Ace from the Evils and insulted Mark, unable to believe that he could possibly be a Lightning Knight, making the mortal storm off in anger. She later learned otherwise when Mark helped save her from a mind-controlled Ace.

Sparx was repeatedly “wiped out” and sent back to the Sixth Dimension by Googler’s puppets, who shot her down with her own sword. This encounter resulted in Sparx having a vendetta against Googler. Another of her worst enemies is the mysterious Lady Illusion, whom Ace happens to be in love with.

Comments: Her voice is provided by Deborah Odell.

Thanks to Sarah E. Thompson for providing the above profile.

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