Space Ace

Real Name: Ace Hart

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Agent of United Planets' Space Squadron, former sheriff

Affiliations: United Plaents' Space Squadron, Tarrant County sheriff department, Sergeant Bill Crag, Bill Haines, Professor McKay, Dr. Wang Fu

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Outer space

First Appearance: Lone Star #1 (Die Cast Metal Toys, 1952)

Powers/Abilities: Immune to radiation

History: In the near future, when man has conquered the stars, Ace Hart was the sheriff of Tarrant County, Texas, until he was struck by a meteorite. Gaining an immunity to radiation from this strange encounter, he enlisted in the United Planets' Space Squadron, and was assigned command of the new spaceshop LS1, exploring space and investigating interstellar crimes. His most trusted ally was Sergeant Bill Crag, but other crew members included the pilot Bill Haines, and scientists Professor McKay and Dr. Wang Fu.

Comments: Ace Hart debuted in the first issue of Lone Star, a comic published by Die Cast Metal Toys as a tie-in to their toys. Foldes Press, who already published titles involving the space hero Ace Hart the Atom Man, unsurprisingly objected to DCMT's Ace Hart, and so with the third issue of Lone Star the character took the name Space Ace.

Space Ace continued to be published through the entire run of Lone Star, with Ron Turner becoming the regular artist. Atlas Publishing later bought Lone Star, and, while keeping Space Ace there, also promoted him to his own title, Space Ace, Guardian of the Universe. The character also starred in several of Atlas' annual Book of Space Adventures. After Ron Turner left the series, Atlas purchased the rights to reprint the Spanish series Johnny Galaxia, and adapted that different character's adventures to appear to be the continuing adventures of Space Ace.

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