The Son of Vulcan

Real Name: John "Johnny" Mann

Identity/Class: Magically transformed human

Occupation: Reporter

Affiliations: Vulcan, Venus

Enemies: Dr.Kong; Mars, God of War; King Midas

Known Relatives: Vulcan (guardian)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unidentified U.S. city

First Appearance: Mysteries of Unexplored Worlds#46 (Charlton Comics, May 1965)

Powers/Abilities: When he calls on Vulcan (either verbally or mentally) Johnny Mann is transformed into his superhuman form, gifted with superhuman strength and durability, and provided with armour and weapons provided by his divine sponsor.

History: Having lost a leg serving in Korea, and then reported on Vietnam as a war correspondent, Johnny Mann had his fill of war. Sent to Cyprete to report on the brewing civil war there, Mann visited a ruined temple that local legend claimed had once been the Great Hall of Jupiter, Mann berated the ancient gods for letting man wage pointless wars. Angered at his temerity, Jupiter threw down a thunderbolt that stunned Mann and transported him to Olympus to answer directly to him, but after a momentary shock the defiant Mann stood his ground even to the wrathful Jupiter. Impressed, both Vulcan and Venus pleaded Mann's case, though the war god Mars was for slaying the mortal for his offending the gods. Deciding that it was ultimately man's fault for falling prey to his own green and violence, Jupiter nevertheless concluded that the gods owed them some help, and allowed Vulcan to claim Mann as his ward, permitting the armourer of the gods to grant Mann some of his power so long as the cause was just. Vulcan gifted Mann with armour and the ability to summon any weapon from his armoury, while Venus bestowed upon him strength and vitality so he could wield the weapons. With his new abilities Mann returned to Earth to begin his quest against evil, now able to transform into the Son of Vulcan.

Comments: Created by Pat Masulli.


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