Agent Smith

Real Name: Agent Smith

Identity/Class: Computer program

Occupation: Rogue computer program, formerly Agent of the Matrix

Affiliations: His duplicates, formerly other Agents

Enemies: Originally The entire human race, specifically  Neo, Morpheus, Trinity;
Now Humanity and the Machines, but still specifically Neo

Known Relatives: His duplicates (kind of)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The Matrix

First Appearance: The Matrix (1999)

Powers/Abilities: As an Agent he possessed superhuman strength, speed and stamina. He could punch through concrete walls and dodge entire clips of bullets, and was skilled in martial arts. He could also go from one body to another whenever he wishes, making him impossible to kill with conventional weapons - even if one body died, he can just shift to another body.

As a rogue program he still possessed all of the above abilities, although it appeared that he was stronger and faster than he was as an Agent. He was also capable of flying on some occasions, and could copy himself on top of other programs in the Matrix, or even humans linked to it. As he copied himself over some of the more remarkable programs, such as the Oracle or Sati, he also acquired the abilites of the programs themselves; when facing Neo for the final time, he was able to see the future and could apparently control the weather, although his ability to see the future was, as with the Oracle, hardly an accurate picture of events

Quite what Smith's copies were to him was unclear; as in, were they simply just clones of him, did they all share memories and experiences, or were they some kind of hive mind where Smith was the equivalent of the Queen in an ant or termite colony? Based on the fact that Smith appeared able to call in other versions of himself when required, it seems a safe guess that Smith was linked in some indefinable way to all of his duplicates, and, when required, one Smith could channel the power of all the others for his own ends - most of the time he only appears to have an Agent's strength, but in his final fight with Neo he was capable of flight and could equal Neo blow for blow in single combat.

History: Originally Agent Smith was just one of many similar sentient programs in the Matrix, capable of moving at will in and out of any human being still wired into the Matrix. This made him nearly impossible to kill; even if a human facing him managed to get in a lucky shot on his current body, Smith would simply leave the body and enter another one, transforming his new host into a copy of his Agent form. However, secretly came to hate the Matrix, claiming that the smell of the humans in it made him feel as though he'd been infected by something, and just wanted to leave the Matrix so he could get away from it.

Eventually, Smith managed to capture Morpheus, leader of a ship full of rebel humans, intending to break his mind and acquire access codes for the mainframe of Zion, the last human city. However, although many of Morpheus's crew were killed by a traitor, three of them were still alive; specifically, Tank, Trinity and Neo. The latter two managed to get Morpheus out of Agent custody and the Matrix, but although Trinity got away safely, Neo was left behind, forced to face off against Smith.

Despite Smith's superior strength and speed, Neo eventually managed to buy himself some time by throwing Smith in front of an oncoming train. It didn't kill Smith - he just shifted into another body and stopped the train - but it bought Neo enough time to start running for the nearest exit, in the abandoned Heart O' The City hotel. Just as Neo reached the exit, Smith shot him six times, in the chest, at point-blank range, killing him almost instantly. However, Trinity confessed her love for Neo in the real world, reviving Neo and activating his powers as the One, a human able to bend the laws of the virtual world to his will. With his new abilities, Neo not only managed to stop the bullets of the Agents before they reached him, but also apparently destroyed Smith once and for all, entering the Agent's form and exploding it from within.

'Apparently' being the key word in that sentence.

Somehow Smith survived, gaining new abilities from his experience; specifically, the ability to clone himself over other programs in the Matrix. He felt had became Neo's exact opposite; the yang to Neo's yin, if you will. Since the creator of the Matrix, a program called 'the Architect', created the Matrix so that everything in it would be balanced out, when Neo destroyed Smith, he created a bond between the two of them that turned Smith into Neo's 'evil twin'- at least, in terms of power.

After about six months of hiding in the Matrix, Smith sent Neo a little gift, in the form of the earpiece he'd worn in his time as an Agent, accompanied with the cryptic comment that Neo had set him free. Soon after this, Smith copied himself over a member of the human resistance, gaining a physical substance in the real world as he controlled his victims flesh and blood body. Meanwhile in the Matrix, Smith confronted Neo in an abandoned basketball court, attacking his enemy with dozens of duplicates, until Neo narrowly managed to gain enough room to fly to safety. Smith then retreated to a corridor on the outskirts of the Matrix, which allowed him access to every location in the Matrix, waiting for Neo in front of a door that led to the Architect. When Neo still managed to get past Smith, the insane program decided to change tactics; he began to copy himself over every program in the Matrix, with the rate of his domination of the virtual realm growing exponentially as he gained duplicates. He even managed to copy himself over the Oracle, although it was a lot harder than normal.

While Smith took control of the Matrix, his copy in the real world managed to get Neo and Trinity alone on a ship, holding Trinity hostage and forcing Neo to drop his weapon. Neo worked out Smith's true identity and fought him, but Smith, in a sadistic strike, shoved electric cables in Neo's eyes, blinding him. However, despite being unable to see anything else, Neo was still capable of sensing energy fields - which included Smith. Using his unexpected new vision, Neo broke Smith's arm and then hit his head off with an iron bar, stopping one Smith, but leaving the others active in the Matrix.

Eventually, Neo managed to enter the Matrix, having made a deal with the machines; in exchange for them declaring peace with the citizens of Zion, Neo would help them prevent Smith from spreading any further. Entering the Matrix, Smith and Neo faced off in a final, one-on-one showdown, while the other Smiths watched the two of them. Neo got in some good hits, but, overall, Smith had the advantage in the struggle, and Neo had no way of stopping him with brute strength. However, Neo eventually worked out that; since he and Smith were equal but opposite, if one of them was taken out of the equation, the other one would die as well. In a noble move, Neo let Smith copy himself over him, before triggering a chain reaction in every other Smith. The copies died, the war was over, and humanity was saved.

Comments: Played by Hugo Weaving.

Profile provided by David Spence.

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