Sláine Mac Roth

Real Name: Sláine Mac Roth

Identity/Class: Human berserker, able to access Earth energy to initiate "warp spasms"

Occupation: Initially wandering warrior, later King of Ireland

Affiliations: Ukko, Nest

Enemies: Slough Fegg, Medb, Fomorians, Balor, Moloch

Known Relatives: Kai (son), Naimh (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Europe, many millennia ago

First Appearance: 2000A.D. Prog 330 (IPC, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: In battle Sláine can go into a berserker rage that can trigger a warp spasm. When this happens his body is monstrously transformed by the power of the Earth flowing through him, and he gains incredible strength.

History: Sláine is a Celtic warrior far in the past. Having been driven out of his tribe for cuckolding the King, he wandered the country for years, adventuring as he went. Eventually he returned to his people, and united the Tribes of the Land of the Young, becoming the first High King of Ireland. He ruled wisely for seven years, before being ritually put to death, in accordance with tradition, so he could be one with the Earth Goddess.

Slaine during a warp spasmOnce in the Otherworld, Sláine travelled through time to defend the Earth Goddess in future eras. Tiring of this, he has now returned home, only to find things are not as he left them.

Comments: Created by Pat Mills and Angie Kincaid.

His axe is called BrainBiter and he normally travels with Ukko, a dwarf who chronicles his deeds.

Slaine's warp spasms were probably inspired by tales of similar feats by mythological heroes such as Cúchulainn.

Thanks to Dave Ives for identifying Slaine's relatives.


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