Luke Skywalker

Real Name: Luke Skywalker

Identity/Class: Jedi Knight

Occupation: Jedi Knight, resistance fighter; formerly Moisture farmer

Affiliations: Rebel Alliance, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi

Enemies: Emperor Palpatine; Darth Vader; Jabba the Hutt; Boba Fett

Known Relatives: Anakin Skywalker (father, deceased); Padme Amidala (mother, deceased); Shmi Skywalker (grandmother, deceased); Leia Organa (sister); Mara Jade (wife); Han Solo (brother-in-law); Beru Whitesun Lars (aunt); Owen Lars (uncle); Cliegg Lars (step-grandfather); Anakin Solo (nephew, deceased); Jacen Solo (nephew); Jaina Solo (niece)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Star Wars



Comments: Played by Mark Hamill.


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