Real Name: Jack Biceps

Identity/Class: High technology user

Occupation: School boy, would-be "superhero for evil"

Affiliations: Shirlee Peech (girlfriend); Irish Hymie Schultz and the Mosa Dosa gang

Enemies: All superheroes, but especially Super Guy, Captain USA, Aunt-Man, the Green Spider, Blue Beetle, Peacemaker, Thunderbolt

Known Relatives: Unnamed parents

Aliases: Boy Fiend

Base of Operations: Gothamville

First Appearance: Charlton Premiere #3 (Charlton Comics, 1967)

Powers/Abilities: Flys using a "highro gyro" or his mini-jets. Has an X-Ray viewer. Armed with a micro mesh net, and a small, hand-held catapult. Able to hypnotise people using a hand-held mirror. Apparently able to transform his appearance between Sinistro and Jack by use of a magic word.

History: Jack Biceps was considered the ideal, all-American boy by everyone who knew him, and everyone was sure he'd grow up to achieve great and good things. Unfortunately for "everyone", Jack had other ideas. Jack hated heroes, particularly superheroes, and decided to become Sinistro, "superhero for evil". First he tried to give himself superpowers by creating a magic potion, but all he managed to do was make himself ill. Then he bought a self assembly "Highro-Gyro" (which took several days to build instead of the advertised half hour), and flew off over the city seeking heroes to thwart and villains to aid. Spotting a bank robbery being stopped by Super Guy he swooped in to help, but his Gyro was almost disabled by extreme turbulance when Captain USA flew past at high speed, and then was disabled when the hero came back after hearing Sinistro call him an insulting name.

Image donated by Mack MurdockRecieving a message from Irish Hymie Schultz, the head of the Mosa Dosa, he meets with the criminal and agrees to act as a diversion for him the next day while the commit a major crime. Sinistro even managed to spot the Green Spider listening in on them, and delay the hero long enough for the gang to escape. Later, while the robbery was underway, Sinsitro ran interference as agreed, dealing with Super Guy, Blue Beetle, Peacemaker and Green Spider, only to be outraged when Schultz offered him a paltry fifty cents out of his haul of billions as payment for his services. He set off a fire alarm, causing fire trucks to race to the scene and thus block off all the escape routes. Trapped, the criminals surrendered to the police, but the cops refused to arrest a child, and so Sinistro got away unscathed...except for his ego.

Comments: Written and drawn by Henry Scarpelli.

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