Real Name: Sindala

Identity/Class: Fakir (possibly Magic user)

Occupation: Doctor, adventurer

Affiliations: Floris van Rozemondt, Countess Ada van Couwenberg, Wolter van Oldenstein, Viola (Ada's companion).

Enemies: Charles of Guelders, Maarten van Rossum, Lange Pier.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Brother Sindolus

Base of Operations: Oldenstein, a castle owned by Wolter van Oldenstein

First Appearance: Floris #1: Het Gestolen Kasteel "The Stolen Castle"(broadcast 5th October 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Sindala is a fakir. He can sleep comfortably in a barrel with nails pointing inwards as people kick it around. He did the standing rope trick, closed a trapdoor by telekinesis (because that was easier than just walking to it through a completely normal, small and empty room and doing it by hand) and moved a cup fallen into the water back to the hand of Floris. All these feats could be explained by assuming that Sindala's true superpower is telekinesis to a rather strong degree as he can do it without much effort and in his sleep. The description of the powers description in the series is just as mental powers (could be translated as spiritual powers as well). As Sindala is not using his powers much, the limits of his powers are completely unknown.

He learns very fast, can imitate somebody's handwriting perfectly (demonstrated with chalk only). He is very clever. A good bare handed fighter, throws weaponry very well too, but his pacifist convictions keep him from using those abilities a lot. Great doctor and (al)chemist and perhaps the "first philosopher in the hippie/ancient-cheap-calendar-wisdom fusion school of thought".

History: Sindala is born in India but has lived in China and Persia as well and most recently resides in the Low countries. Sindala claimed that he accompanied Floris there as Floris had promised him a life of rest, study and wealth, but it was Sindala's own choice to stay with Floris (in the lukewarm war) rather than to return to India.

Comments: Sindala was created by Gerard Soeteman, more or less as a representation the image Dutchies had of "the Easterner". Sindala was played by Jos Bergman in the original version and Derval de Faria in the German remake.

In the 10th Dutch TV-episode Sindala is shown as succesful doctor, but the rest of his history is just the sidekick to Floris(caused by the actors rather than by the script wrirt)

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