Real Name: Princess Adora

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: Leader of the rebellion
former Force Commander for the Horde

Affiliations: Spirit (her horse); Kowl; He-Man
former Hordak

Enemies: Hordak, Shadow Weaver, Grizzlaw, Mantenna, Imp, Scorpia, Catra

Known Relatives: Prince Adam (He-Man); King Randor (father); Queen Marlena (mother)

Aliases: Princess of Power

Base of Operations: Etheria

First Appearance: as Adora She-Ra Episode #1 "The Secret of the Sword" (Filmation for Syndication, 9th September 1985)
as She-Ra She-Ra Episode #3 "She-Ra Unchained" (Filmation for Syndication, 11th September 1985)

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, enhanced agility and endurance.

History: Adora was born the twin sister of Prince Adam of Eternia, a child of the ruling Royal family. When she was still an infant, the Horde invaded Eternia, and though they were repulsed and fled to the planet Etheria, their leader Hordak took revenge on his opponents by kidnapping the baby girl before they left. On Etheria, the Horde soon seized control of the world, and Adora was raised to be one of them, eventually becoming Captain Adora, one of the Horde's Force Commanders; meanwhile back on Eternia, the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull wiped the memory of Adora from most of the Eternians, to save them heartache, while she tried to use her magic to locate the kidnapped child.

Eventually, after nearly two decades, the Sorceress' magics achieved the desired result; aware of Adora's new locale, the Sorceress sent Prince Adam, now the hero He-Man, through a portal to Etheria, on a mission to deliver another magical sword, much like the one which empowered him. Arriving on the new world, Adam soon encountered Bow, a member of the "Great Rebellion" which was fighting to free Etheria from the Horde. When they were attacked by Horde troops, Adam became He-Man and engaged the squad's commander, Adora, only to be shocked when the sword he was due to deliver began to glow when he neared her. He was captured, and Adora took the sword as a prize; perhaps due to its magic, she listened to the captive He-Man's entreaties and began to realise how evil the Horde truly were.

Some time later Adora's dreams were invaded by the Sorceress, who telepathically informed her of her origins, and her relationship to He-Man. Armed with this knowledge, and following the Sorceress' instructions, she used the sword to transform herself into She-Ra and rescue He-Man. After briefly visiting Eternia to see her parents, Adora returned to Etheria to help the rebellion.

Kowl, ally of She-RaComments: Voiced by Melendy Britt.

Len Hazell informs me "Lawrence G. "Larry" DiTillio created She-Ra for the Mattel toy company as a female counterpart for He-Man. The Character went through much development and was changed several times until she emerged as Prince Adam's long lost sister Adora. DiTillo claims to have changed her name several times but eventually settled on She-Ra as a cultural reference to the protector Mother Goddess of ancient Semitic Mythology "Asherah" (A{dora} She Ra{h}) the queen of heaven."

Thanks to Eve Hudson for providing additional details on this character.

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